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Hear the story of how the Scoundrels came to turn this disused train station into one of London’s most unique bars…


Four years ago, a band of ne’er-do-wells and Scoundrels discovered a hidden gem in the subterranean tunnels beneath London’s bustling Soho. It was the disused Kingly Court Underground Station. Once used as an emergency air raid shelter during the war, it had been a haven for all manner of folks, reflected in the bric-a-brac left behind. From old toys to piles of tinned food, they’d dragged in dusty lampshades, higgledy-piggledy furniture, doilies and mismatched crockery in an attempt to turn the place into a ‘home away from home’. After the war, upon discovering the Station, the Scoundrels were keen to reignite the post-war spirit in their new-found illicit base. Here, they could engage in their nocturnal escapades – flouting the rules of rationing, selling top-notch bootlegging cocktails and throwing sensational swinging parties late into the night!