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The world’s first cocktail shaken in the sky!

Available exclusively at the Cahoots Station until the end of November.

The sky's the limit!

Shaking things up this autumn, The Captain of Cahoots has sent one of his daredevil Scoundrels up into the clouds and back – bringing you THE FIRST EVER cocktail shaken in the sky, via the breathtaking art of 1940s aerobatic wing walking.

Reaching soaring heights of over 2500 feet. Flying up to 150 miles per hour. Defying gravity with loop-the-loops. Propelling against the full force of the wind. Presenting the spiffingly new & exclusive Wing Walkers’ Fuel – poured into one glass, fresh from the sky.

Wing Walkers' Fuel

For the duration of the flight, this thrill-seeking wing-walking Scoundrel whizzed through the air with the aviation-fuelled tipple in hand, contained inside a cocktail shaker – all whilst standing on top of a 1940s Boeing Stearman biplane, over a private WW1 airfield in the Cotswolds.

Making it safely all the way to the sky and back onto solid ground, The Captain is truly on cloud nine! So much so, that he is now adding the cloud-topped cocktail to the menu exclusively until the end of November.

Are you as bold and brave as our wing-walking Scoundrel? Try this pulse-pounding, adrenaline-fuelled tipple down at The Station, while it lasts!