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Local hearsay has been spreading amongst Kingly Court residents, that the disused Ticket Hall, located next to Cahoots, Kingly Court Underground Station, has been commandeered by the ‘Cahoots Scoundrels’.

Prime Minister Churchill delighted at rumours!

Upon hearing the news that the ground floor of the brand new Ticket Hall was rumoured to be serving tipples and grub bright and early, from 11am, Cahoots enthusiast and beloved Prime Minister Churchill, exclaimed, “When I was younger I made it a rule never to take strong drink before lunch. It is now my rule never to do so before breakfast!” Reports have also been made by local radio stations that they’ve experienced odd, intercepted transmissions during broadcasts, all of which seem to lead back to the Ticket Hall’s basement – which was formerly the station’s Control Room. This begs the question: ‘are there subterranean plans for the Scoundrels too?’


Once a bustling station for busy commuters, Kingly Court Train Station has been once again commandeered by the Scoundrels of Cahoots. With a giant station clock, old split-flap timetables and peeling vintage advertisements, the surviving remnants of the station is a nod towards the space’s former function. Now, the station is layered with mismatched upholstered furniture and frilly lampshades, with tipples served in tins, teacups and anything else the Scoundrels can get their hands on. A tea room by day, you can enjoy afternoon teas, lunch and casual tipples during the morning and afternoon. Then, at night, watch as the space transforms into a lively, buzzing bar, as you enjoy late-night cocktails into the evening.



Stirring directly below the Ticket Hall sits something entirely different. What was once the nervous system of the station, the Control Room is a maze of switches, dials and flashing lights. With switchboards, spinning cogs, voltage gauges and danger-marked levers, it’s an industrial, sensory overload. Manoeuvre your way through the upstairs Ticket Hall and past a door marked ‘DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE’. Descend the ‘out of bounds’ staircase and enter the station’s epicentre. The Control Room is where the Scoundrels now broadcast their very own pirate radio station. Flogging bootlegged hooch, throwing raucous late-night shindigs and showcasing live music fit to broadcast nationwide, this will be Soho’s new worst kept secret.


Fancy taking a chance and booking your table in the Control Room?

Hidden near the original Cahoots Underground
13 Kingly Court, Soho, London W1B 5PW

Live and on air this Autumn!

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