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Cahoots Underground

13 Kingly Court, Carnaby, London W1B 5PW


Cahoots Ticket Hall

5 Kingly Street, Carnaby, London W1B 5PF

Ground Floor

Cahoots Control Room

5 Kingly Street, Carnaby, London W1B 5PF


The Original Underground

After the war, upon discovering the Station, the Scoundrels were keen to reignite the post-war spirit in their newfound illicit base. Here, they could engage in their nocturnal escapades, flouting the rules of rationing, selling top-notch bootlegging cocktails and throwing sensational swinging parties late into the night.

The Ticket Hall

Located above ground just next door, is Cahoots Ticket Hall. Once a bustling station for busy commuters, the deserted space has yet again been commandeered by the underground Scoundrels of Cahoots. The Ticket Hall  pays tribute to what previously lay there, with a giant station clock, vintage film advertisements and fading train maps peeling off the wall. Comfy chairs and ornate lamp shades have been dragged in through the metal station gates to spruce up the place and create an eclectic all-day tea room, perfect for afternoon tea and quintessentially British fare.

The Control Room

Once the epicentre of this disused train station, the Control Room now plays host to roaring parties and live music. Covered in flashing lights, old switchboards, danger-marked levers and webs of wires, this ‘out of bounds’ speakeasy-style area is perfect for late-night tipples. Transformed by the Cahoots’ Scoundrels into the illicit base of their pirate radio station, enjoy a medley of presenters, live performances and swinging mixes.