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Tipples & Treats

£32 per person

Served in the Ticket Hall every Sunday and Tuesday to Thursday.

Sunday: Bookable between 2pm and 5pm | Tuesday – Thursday: Bookable between 2pm and 5pm

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Tipples & Treats

At Ticket Hall

Sunday - Thursday

Visit the Cahoots Ticket Hall for some good ol’ tipples and treats every Sunday! Sit back and fill your boots with two spiffing cocktails made by The Captain’s Top Scoundrels themselves, paired with a smashing slice of cake per guest – all while you enjoy the high spirits and swing of the Station.

Two cocktails + one slice of cake: £32pp

Served in the Ticket Hall.

Sunday: Bookable between 2pm and 5pm

Monday – Thursday: Bookable between 2pm and 5pm

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