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Bootlegger Breakout

Every Saturday at 1pm & 3pm

£48pp: Welcome cocktail + escape room-style puzzle + guided cocktail masterclass including two cocktails

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Bootlegger Breakout

At Control Room

Every Saturday from 1pm & 3pm

A unique fast-paced cocktail adventure awaits any thirsty scoundrels up to the challenge…

Day and night, the bootleggers of Cahoots crank out sensational cocktails, supplying the boozy black market and fuelling high spirits across London. As the newest recruits, you’ll arrive on your first day on the job, to learn all the tricks of the trade.

And what a day to start! The Old Bill have discovered the hooch-filled hideout and nicked every last one of the Scoundrels of Cahoots – and the next batch of bevvies are due to be collected any minute! Looks like it’s up to you to save the day… After a stiff welcome cocktail to warm up, of course!

Working alongside your fellow recruits, you’ll work against the clock to solve puzzles, discover allies, uncover recipes and unlock the ingredients needed to get the production line up and running. Solve that challenge and you’ll be rewarded with a cracking cocktail masterclass, learning to make your very own Cahoots classics before the delivery deadline strikes.

An immersive blend of puzzle-solving and cocktail-making in this unforgettable subterranean challenge, Bootlegger Breakout is the perfect afternoon group experience.

Available Monday – Friday for private bookings and team experiences.

£48pp: Welcome cocktail + escape room-style puzzle + guided cocktail masterclass including two cocktails

Join the Scoundrels